Character Comparison: Olaf

Who wouldn’t want a friend like Olaf? If I was going on a journey like Anna’s,  I’d definitely want a traveling companion like this lovable snowman to lift my spirits!  He’s positive in every situation, loyal beyond belief, and- my favorite of his qualities- funny without being crude. Maybe you know somebody like that- the one that you want to turn to when life gets you down. In our study of Christianity-Frozen parallels, Olaf represents that friend- the encourager.

You probably know what the spiritual gifts are- some of them, anyway. (See Romans 12 or trusty Google.) One verse says,  “If (his gift) is encouraging, let him encourage.” This is what Olaf does. Encouragement doesn’t always fall into the cheerleading category. It involves listening and building others up.

I want you to think for a second about a hard time in your life. Who helped you through it? Who did you lean on? Hopefully, you had somebody who could make you smile and remind you to look to God despite whatever was going on. If you can’t think of a hard time when you had a supporter like this, or even if you can, have you ever been that friend for somebody else?

I honestly don’t think Anna could have made it up that mountain without Olaf. We all need supportive Christian friends to help us on our journey through life, and we also need to strive to support others in their faith as well. Lifting each other up with our words and actions is an important part of being a Christian. After all, in the words of a song I’m sure will be stuck in your head for the rest of today, “We all need somebody to lean on.”

YOU are worth melting for!

– Kayla


An Act of True Love- Anna and Elsa

     For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only begotten Son, so that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. – John 3:16

In my opinion, the Bible as a whole shows the epic love story between God and mankind. It’s not a Hollywood romance kind of love story, but one of great self-sacrificing love that overcomes even death. If you think about, so is Frozen. For this post, let’s compare the relationship between Anna and Elsa to the relationship between God and us.

The story starts with little Elsa, cursed with ice powers from birth. She can’t get rid of the powers. They’re a part of her that she is ashamed of. Your story starts with you, cursed with sinful nature from birth. You can’t get rid of it. Your sins are part of your life you’re ashamed of. Now, Elsa and Anna were best buddies until Elsa’s ice powers got between them, and Elsa closed herself off from her  best relationship. In the same way, Genesis says Adam and Eve walked in the Garden of Eden with God until their sin severed the relationship. Do you see it? 🙂 Anna represents Jesus, and Elsa is us.

Anna never gave up on her relationship with Elsa. For the rest of their childhood, she was constantly knocking on Elsa’s bedroom door, asking her sister to come out and be her best friend again. Jesus said, “I stand at the door and knock.” He’s probably not asking you to build a snowman with Him, but like Anna, He persists in His desire to restore His relationship with us that sin destroyed, as if nothing bad ever happened.

In fact, His love for us is so great that He physically came to earth to save us, leaving all the comforts of Heaven behind. He came to convince people to change their ways and show them that He is the only way to Heaven. Anna left her castle, the warm one full of people, to follow Elsa up the icy mountain. She wanted to convince her sister to change what she’d done to Arendelle- freezing it- and return home.

But when Anna tried to reach out to the sister she loved so dearly, Elsa only hurt her, sending ice straight through her heart. When Jesus reached out to His beloved people, they hurt Him as well, piercing His hands and feet with nails and hanging Him on the cross. Later in the story, Anna could have saved herself and let Hans kill Elsa, but she willingly sacrifices herself to save Elsa’s life instead. Sound familiar? Jesus could have easily gotten out of His crucifixion, but He chose us over His own life. Out of love, He chose you. And He died for it.

But never fear! An act of true love CAN thaw a frozen heart! Anna doesn’t stay a frozen statue for long, does she? Her act of true love for her sister brought her back to life in a few Disney-magic moments. Similarly, Jesus didn’t stay dead for long. Three days after He was dead and buried, the love of God for people raised Him back to life. Love restored summer to Arendelle. Love restored a relationship with God to the world.

There is one more similarity here. All the damage Elsa’s powers caused- the ice, the snow, the difficulties for the citizens of Arendelle- could not be reversed until Elsa accepted Anna’s gift of a restored relationship and a clean slate between them. In the same way, all your sins can be completely forgiven, and you can be made a hundred percent new, but only when you accept God’s gift of a relationship with Him.

So, Elsa, where do you see yourself in the story? Are you living a life restored by the great power of God’s love, or are you still hiding behind closed doors, trying to make it on your own in a life of sin? Wherever you may be, think about how much Anna loved her sister. Think how much more God must love you!

By the way, Anna and Elsa’s story may have ended when the credits rolled on the screen (unless there’s a sequel!), but the story of you and God is only beginning. Love is a two-way street, and it involves spending time with Him in prayer and study. Just like Anna and Elsa’s relationship became stagnant in the many years they spent apart, your relationship with God will become weak if you don’t spend time with Him. I know it can feel like a struggle or an inconvenience, but you have to make time with God a priority in your life. Maybe you already do this, and I’m just preaching to the choir. But if you don’t, why not start now? When you start getting to know God more, anything is possible. After all, love’s an open door!

You are worth melting for.

– Kayla

P.S. This is my first post ever, so I’m sorry if it’s confusing. If it got you thinking, please let me know! Or if you have any ideas for future topics, suggestions to make this one better, or missed details/grammatical errors/theological discrepancies to point out, feel free to comment those, too. My goal for this study  is to further my relationship with God and hopefully help you do the same. Thanks for reading! 🙂